Spiritual Healing Overview

“Working together they (Jack and Sequoia) are a perfectly gifted total combination; her penetrating healing touch and his unique musical sound vibrated through me"
-Geri of Aptos, CA

For the first 30 minutes you will lie under the crystal bed from Brazil, blessed by John of God.

You will connect with God, your angels, your ancestors - anyone in whom you believe can help you. Thank them for being with you on this journey called Life. Ask them to assist you to release all things that are causing you limitation, discord or discomfort. It may be a physical ailment, emotional trauma, financial limitation, or any other source of dis-ease; you can set the intent to release these blocks and move forward with peace and harmony and enhanced well-being.

Jack and Sequoia will facilitate the rest of the healing session. Jack will raise the vibration in the room with healing sounds, including voice, crystal bowls, flutes, drums and harp, toning with Sequoia as she lays her hands over and on your body, removing all things that no longer serve you, and birthing the light of deeper awareness from within you


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