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Sound And Healing

Sound and healing are inextricably linked. When used correctly, sound can dramatically heal the body. Sound healing is also a potent tool when performed in conjunction with other therapies. At Three Trees Retreat, Jack's masterful use of sound and healing creates the perfect, transcendent environment for Sequoia's healing touch. When Sequoia and Jack work together as one to heal the individual, the results are exponentially effective.

Sound and Healing
Why does sound heal the body? To answer that, we must learn to see the body in its most basic and essential guise--that of energy. Yes, we are a physical mass, a system of tissues, organs and cells. These physical components, however, are made up of energy. Energy is the building block of our bodies.

Music and sound are forms of energy. They penetrate the body through vibration. Pure sound can have a healing effect on our bodies, bringing our discordant cells and tissues back into harmony. Through his choice of instrument, his skill, his intuition and his pure intention, Jack is able to create just such a pure, healing sound.

Sound does not actually heal the body itself. Rather, pure and harmonious sound restores the body's harmony and balance, allowing the body to heal itself. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves brilliantly. Our wonderfully complex immune systems are capable of fighting off millions of different varieties of parasites, bacteria and viruses. Sound and healing simply enables the body to freely do what it wants to do--heal itself.

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