Overnight Intensives

“I was at my doctor's appointment, the doctor came in and looked at me. He said “ with the numbers on your tests you should be in the hospital”. The look on his face was so perplexed. “ You are so radiant”. I felt and looked so good he asked “ What are you doing Maria?” “ I told him I was seeing Jack and Sequoia” A few months later they retested me and couldn't find the cancer anywhere. They just wanted to see me in six months. That was two years ago.”
-Maria from San Jose, diagnosed Stage 4 breast cancer

How can Jack and Sequoia's Spiritual Healing support you while going through treatment for life-threatening illness and still working closely with your own Doctors?

Sequoia and Jack have extensive experience with those facing life threatening illness and deep seated emotional and spiritual issues. The Three Trees Retreat has affordable accommodations for people staying overnight for healing intensives. Overnight guests receive a private session every day, full access to the grounds for meditation and walks, and rest in a well-lit, heated and comfortably furnished tepee. Guests are welcome to bring food to store and prepare in the outdoor kitchen facilities; self-service is the rule, and guests are asked to clean up after themselves.

Partnering with the land, Sequoia and Jack built Three Trees Retreat using green design practices that show reverence for all life. By its very nature, the secluded valley promotes a deep sense of peace, well-being and light-hearted mindfulness. The Three Trees Retreat is a beautiful park-like environment that enables participants to explore innovative approaches to self-awareness and self-expression, and celebrate life.

When Jackie came to Sequoia and Jack, she was told by her doctors that she had six weeks to live. She traveled with them to see John of God and worked with them weekly for one year after that.

She told them, “After I saw you two (Sequoia and Jack) last I went for another MRI. This time they told me that all the spots that they thought was cancer was, in reality, scar tissue” Jackie is alive and well and working full-time a year and a half later.

Jackie from Santa Cruz

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